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We are very proud of our spacious natural outdoor environment, which has natural grass, gardens, forts, a cubby house, sandpit, digging patch, dry creek bed, swings, and a fairy tree. We have recently received two large grants of funding for the refurbishing of this outdoor play space. Some of the possibilities for learning include gross motor development, risk taking, co-ordination, strength, working co-operatively, imaginative play, and exploring nature.

 “I really like playing outside, and going on the swings.” – Jessica, age 4

 “The sandpit is really good, because you can build volcanos and really big holes!” – Austin, aged 5

Our indoor environment has a variety of resources for children to engage with, including playdough, clay, collage, paints, blocks, dress ups, construction sets, and many more. As our storeroom has no door, the children are empowered to make their own decisions about the resources they need.


“I like playtime how we can play and get stuff out.” – Liam, age 4

 “It has lots of stuff like painting and musical instruments”. – Donncha, age 5

All your friends are here. I like playing with the trains and dinosaurs. I like the group time when the teachers talk.” – Felix, aged 5

“The facilities and environment are excellent. There are numerous areas for the children to play and explore and more than enough toys and craft for them.” – Greg, 2012 parent.

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