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About our Program 

Children’s strengths, interests and ideas are the foundation of our program, so it is ever changing and developing. We also extend the children through play in the areas of literacy, numeracy, science, the arts, understanding culture, social, emotional and physical development.

We have visits and shows throughout the year from community members such as the local fire fighters, animal carers, African drummers, and an Indigenous Elder to enhance our learning experiences. Families are also invited to participate in the program, and share their skills, interests and culture.

Daily Routine


Times and routines vary greatly according to the needs and interests of the children on any given day. The following is an indicative routine.

8:30am – Welcome! Families arrive and settle in. Unpack your belongings then come outside and say hello to staff and goodbye to Mum, Dad or the person who brought you to kindy.

10:00am –We bring down the morning teas and enjoy the time sitting together, chatting and sharing news while we eat. When we finish morning tea, we work together to tidy up our playground.

10:40am – We have a group planning time where we talk about the types of projects, games or experiences we may like to do at indoor time. Sometimes we have music time, read a story or have a literacy session at this time also. When a friend says what they want to do, we are asked if we would like to join them and are given help with how to get our game or project started.

12:20pm – We tidy our indoor play spaces. Some of the areas we have built can stay up, so we negotiate this with our peers and teachers.

12:40pm – We have another group time, incorporating intentional teaching specific to the children’s interests and learning. For example, music, stories and games. 

12:50pm – Lunchtime is an opportunity to connect and engage with one another in conversation.

1:20pm – A quiet time is offered for the children to rest on beds, draw, read books or do quiet activities.

2:00pm – We tidy up our room and come together for a story, songs and chat. Sometimes we talk about our plans for the following day or week. 

2:20-2:30pm – We sing our goodbye song and our pick up person comes to collect us.

We utilise a digital platform called “Storypark” to share information with families about the program, and the children’s learning experiences.

“Our child has grown enormously, and truly is excited to go every “kindy” day to be with his friends and learn new things.” – Anna – parent

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