Welcome BBQ

7th Feb 2021

Thank you everyone who came to our BBQ on Sunday 14 February. It was lovely chatting with you and seeing you getting to know other families. A big thank you to the social coordinators, Committe members and staff for putting […]

Mott Park Kindy Welcome BBQ for 2021 families

7th Feb 2021

Mott Park’s Welcome BBQ is just around the corner. It’s time to get to know some of the other families and children that go to kindy with your child.   The details are as follows: When:              Sunday 14th of February […]


31st Oct 2019

Thank you to all of the families who provided feedback during the review of our philosophy.  The process is now complete and we love our new philosophy document.  Why not take a sneak peek? Our Philosophy

Environmental Grant

31st Oct 2019

With thanks to the Brisbane City Council, we have been successful in receiving a grant for native plants, bird baths, bird boxes, and a native bee hive (the bees are stingless). The children had a visit from Toby, a bee […]

Knowing Good from Bad

15th Jul 2019

Encourage good behaviour by giving feedback to your child. Explain the difference between good and bad behaviour, tell your child what you like and use praise and encouragement to reward good behaviour. Your toddler is learning social cues and acceptable […]

Once upon a time… why reading is important

17th Jun 2019

Reading aloud and sharing stories with your child when they are young can help them develop literacy skills and learn about the world around them. http://www.earlyyearscount.earlychildhood.qld.gov.au/age-spaces/upon-time-reading-important/

Understanding Developmental Milestones

3rd Jun 2019

From making babbling sounds to wiggling toes, taking note of development progress as your child grows means you can ensure they have the support they need. Developmental milestones are signs of development (physical changes or behaviours), achieved by children at […]

Benefits of listening to children

20th May 2019

From an early age children have so much to share. You might be wondering how your toddler can say so much before breakfast, let alone everything they say by dinner. In the rush of daily life, it can be easy […]

Healthy lunchbox ideas

6th May 2019

Creating fresh and healthy lunches that the kids will actually eat can be a daily challenge for time-poor parents. Eating a healthy lunch is important for growing children because it boosts their energy, improves concentration and provides the nutrients they […]

Support for you and your family

1st Apr 2019

Being a parent is hard work and finding the right support for you and your child can be challenging. At your local Early Years Place there are people who can help, and other parents and carers you can connect with […]