Our Philosophy

Mott park Kindergarten’s philosophy reflects the principles of the National Law, the Early Years Learning Framework and C&K’s Building Waterfalls Guideline for children’s learning and for teaching in kindergarten.

At Mott Park Kindergarten, we view all children as competent and capable, with a sense of agency.  We view children as being full of ideas, experiences and understandings. We know that families who join our kindy community bring with them their own values, interests and culture as well as a wealth of knowledge about their child. We recognise that families are their child’s first teacher.

Our centre community views learning as life long and occurring in all that we experience.  We believe that we all have the opportunity to learn something positive in each moment and from everything we experience. This includes what we (parents, children, family members, staff, and committee) experience as we engage with each other and the kindergarten program.  When in action, the philosophy guides all of it’s stakeholders to recognise everything as a learning moment. It encourages us to reflect upon what is needed to be learnt, particularly when faced with challenges.  It allows us all to see ourselves and others as learners and provides a gentle approach towards ourselves, others and to our participation in life in general.  It is often easy to pinpoint challenges as ‘things you can’t do”, however we take the approach of “things that you are learning to do”; a much more supportive perspective for learning. This ensures that learning is viewed as a positive and supportive process, without a fear of failure.

At our kindergarten, the rights of the child are paramount. Mott Park Kindergarten ensures that all children can equally participate in the program, and we adapt our teaching and support accordingly. Learning must take place in an enjoyable, safe, enriching, supportive and natural environment.  Learning is optimal when children feel both physically and emotionally safe. Children learn skills and understandings when play is self directed, meaningful, and therefore motivating. Such experiences assist to develop a love of learning.

Most importantly, our goal is for children to leave our kindy at the end of the year as independent, confident, problem solvers instilled with a lifelong love for learning and being inspired to fulfil their potential. We aim to ensure each child feels their own unique value and can fully embrace who they are.  Our hope is that these skills and dispositions will assist them in their future experiences at school and in the greater community.

In partnership with families, we strive to learn about each child and family, their identity, culture and values. In planning our program, we encourage families to provide input from their in depth knowledge and understandings of their children. We aim to support parents in their parenting role as we learn from them about their child’s needs and strengths.  We, offer continuity between what is being developed at home and kindy.  We provide advice, resources and community links where appropriate. We ensure there are open lines of communication so families are well informed and have the opportunity to collaborate with staff in the provision of their child’s education.

Our staff facilitates each child’s learning through a play based curriculum.  This occurs via careful planning from our understandings of the child’s development and interests as well as during spontaneous teachable moments. We provide experiences that encourage experimentation, collaboration with others and the ability to practice and refine skills, as well as build upon their current knowledge and understandings with time and support. Mott Park Kindergarten staff excels in nurturing children, by providing love and care and developing mutually trusting relationships with them. The staff are highly motivated to provide the highest quality of experience for all involved in the Centre.

The environment and staff provide diverse experiences that extend children in all areas of development (physical, cognitive, language, cultural, emotional and social).  We also offer opportunities for children to assume responsibility, accept challenge as well as assess and take risks. From this self empowerment in individuals develops.  We believe that children should have the opportunity to develop understandings of Australia’s first peoples and embed learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into the program.

Our philosophy about learning is also implemented among staff, and modelled to children. As a staff we continue to learn new skills and understandings around working with children and families.. We guide and support each other as learners on our own learning journeys. Reflective practice forms part of how we learn, by discussing our program, and questioning how we can continuously ensure it provides the best outcomes for all participants.  We expect the best from each other in terms of what we provide for children and their families.

Overall we aim for the time families and staff spend involved in our Centre to be rich, rewarding and supportive.

Please feel free to discuss or make suggestions for the philosophy of our centre and how we intend our outcomes for your child’s learning will be achieved.